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Bringing into play the rich sportswear heritage that brought style and flair to the ski slopes and tennis courts, ellesse Sport is an evolution of the classic style aesthetic in performance wear, fit for modern sporting lifestyles. Designed for comfort and endurance in the face of unforgiving elements and terrains, this performance sportswear is ready for all kinds of activity whatever the rules of the game.",

Ellesse Nanyas Sweat Shorts (A72670) | SGD 46
Ellesse Blue Arrivo Jnr Dress (A72695) | SGD 34
Ellesse™ Voodoo T-Shirt (545202) | SGD 31
Ellesse Toma Overhead Hoodie (T13533) | SGD 84
Ellesse Honey Hoodie Sweat Dress (T13534) | SGD 77
Ellesse White Doppio Stripe Polo Shirt (A72675) | SGD 69
Ellesse Blue Rigi Dress (A72684) | SGD 54
Ellesse Gottero Overhead Hoodie (A62459) | SGD 69
Ellesse Ede Overhead Hoodie (T13527) | SGD 92
Ellesse Black Leopard Print Sweat Shorts (A62463) | SGD 54
Ellesse Conjun Black Wide Leg Joggers (A62470) | SGD 61
Ellesse Blue Riga Swimsuit (T35992) | SGD 43